Friday, March 9, 2012

Mary Kay Earning my Car and How we Qualify for DIQ

Our Mary Kay year runs from July 1 to Jun 30. So every 3 months, we are working to become STARS (working your business and placing at least an $1800 wholesale order in the period of those 3 months). So the quarter that we are in right now, started Dec 15 and runs through Mar 15. So, at this point, I am already a STAR consultant (and I get to earn some FABULOUS prizes just for being a star)

       We are also "on-target" for our FIRST Mary Kay Car! No, it's not the Pink Cadillac YET, but we will continue working to get us to that point! The first car is a white Chevy Malibu. To go "on-target", you have to have 5 consultants ordering in one calendar month, and your team has to do at least $5,000 production (placing orders into the company), in that calendar month.

       To finish DIQ we need 14 more people, and then once they join, we work on the orders. So, all together total it's 24 active consultants and 18,000 production.

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